The Bursary's Department was created in line with the establishment of University Malaysia Pahang Al-Sultan Abdullah (UMPSA) which was formerly known as the Malaysian College of Engineering & Technology (KUKTEM) and was established on 16 February 2002. The Bursary's Department is responsible for the administration and financial management of the University.
 As a Higher Education Institution, UMPSA is a competency-based technical University specializing in engineering and technology. The main areas of focus are the chemical and process, civil engineering, electrical industries as well as the automotive and manufacturing industries.
To fulfil the accountability of the Bursary's Department in the administration and financial management of the University, the Bursary's Department has the following roles:
  • Responsible for providing financial services (system delivery) to stakeholders.
  • Responsible for ensuring that the financial management of the university is carried out efficiently and complies with the regulations set (legality).
  • Responsible for all financial records and reports of the University (accountability).
  • Responsible for ensuring the financial position of the University (cash flow) is always under control.


Maximizing organizational wealth through financial and non-financial resources effectively and efficiently.


Provide financial services and ensure that quality management is carried out in compliance with the regulations set to ensure the financial position of the university is strong and controlled.


  • Determining financial resources to be spent according to the limits approved by the University's Board of Directors (LPU) as well as in accordance with the act, policy and financial regulations of the university that have been set
  • Accounting for all financial transactions as provided by the act, university financial policies and regulations.
  • Provide financial management services to interested parties (stakeholders)